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Sinothinker SK6000 biochemical analysis system chemistry analyzer

Sinothinker SK6000 biochemical analysis system chemistry analyzer

Product Description
Discrete, random access, full automated.
Up to constant 180 tests per hour.
Optional for external bar code reader.
30 positions for samples and 60 postions for reagents.
Automatic probe cleaning, liquid level detection, collision protection.
Reversed optic system with 8 wavelengths.
Refrigerated reagent and sample compartment.

Operating system:
English operating system: Windows 2000, windows XP, windows7, windows8, windows10.
Make print format and content freely, provide several common formals.
Special user management password, rational distribution of user operation permissions.
RS-232 standard interface, support for intranet, remote print report.
Optional various databasses, autosave, automatic backup, save all kinds of data permanently.
Real-time monitoring of sample tray, reagent tray, reacting tray; real-time display of reaction temperature, reagent allowance,
reaction curve, calibration curve and quality control chart.
Check and judge reaction endpoint, reaction linear interval, substrate exhaustion, reagent blank absorbance, etc.

Reagents/ sample handing:
Reagent/sample tray: 30 positions for reagents and 60 positions for samples in refrigerated compartment (4~16℃).
Reagent/sample probe: liquid level detection, collision protection and inventory checking.
Probe cleaning: automatic washing for both interior and exterior carry-over<0.1%

Reaction cuvettes cleaning system:
Using unique high efficiency water cleaning method, low carry-over.

Sampling and mixing system:
Sample capacity: 2-30ul, 0.1ul increasing.
Sample probe: sharing with the reagent probe, the inner and auter walls are highly polished, with the function of liquid level
detection, tracking and collision protection, sample probe matching special cleaning liquid, prevent cross contamination.
Reagent capacity: 20-300ul, 0.1ul creasing.
Reagent probe: sharing with the sample probe.
Reagent bottle: reagent bottles with volume of 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 60ml, 70ml can be used, the dead volume is less than 1ml.
Mixing bar: independent mixing bar, special material, surface treatment using teflon, not hanging liquid, thoroughly clean before
and after mixing to prevent cross contamination.

Calibration and quality control:
Quality control type: real time quality control, daily quality control, day to day quality control.
Quality control charts L-J, cumulative, twin plot, the quality control rules are arbitrarily formulated by default to westguard
multiple rules.
The calibration type: linear and nonlinear. Logit-4P, Logit-5P, Spline, exponent, polynomial, factor method automatically check
the calibration curve and select the best calibration type of the fitting degree automati-cally.
working mode
discrete/random access
test speed
test speed 180T/H (without ISE)
Test principle
absorbance photometry, turbidimetry
end-point, fixed-time, kinetic, single/dual reagent chemistries, monochromatic/ bichromatic linear/non-linear, multi-point
the longest reaction time
15 minutes
minumum reaction volume
cuvettes material
plastics (quartz glass can be selected), 81 cuvettes have the function of automatically deducing.
reagent and sample blanks linear range of absorbance
0-3.8Abs, halogen light source using time≥2000 hours
340nm, 405nm, 450nm, 510nm, 546nm, 578nm, 630nm, 670nm
Refrigeration system
water medium uniform refrigeration technology
Reagent storehouse temperature
Reaction temperature
Water consumption
Power supply
200~240V 50/60HZ 600W
Rough weight
Net weight
Temperature fluctuation
Customer Feedback
Company Profile
Packing and Delivery



Q: What part does this machine ?
A:3 part .

Q: Double chambers or single chamber ? how many samples per hour ?
A: 60T/H(two test chamber),30T/H(single test chamber)

Q: How many parameters does it have ? and open reagent ?
A:20 parameters + 3 color histograms ,open reagent?

Q: Does it test human or vet ??
A:Human (also have vet model )


Q:Do you sale reagent ??
A:Yes ,one set including 20L Diluent ,10 L Rinse and 500 ml Lyse?

Q:How about after-sale serive ?
A:We will send you any parts within 15 months warranty ,and supply you technology support for long time ,solve problem as soon as possible .

Q:What's the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
A:For most of our medical products, even order for only one unit is warmly welcomed.

Q: Can you do OEM/ private label?
A: Of course we can do OEM/private label for you.


Q: What's your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 3 days if the goods are in stock.
Or it is 7 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

Q: How to ship the order?
A: Please inform us your instruction, by sea, by air or by express, any way is ok for us. We have very professionalforwarder to provide the best shipping cost, service and guarantee.

Q: What is your terms of payment ?
A: We accept T/T ,LC,Western Union ,Escrow ,Paypal and more.Please suggest your preferred payment method.




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